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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Monster are you?.

#1 45.1%
Ghost. You're fun, kind, sweet and a bit of an egghead. You may not fight sometimes but can have vendetta if you really really need to. You have friends though they can protect more than you protect them. You may be shy sometimes and can fade in the walls a lot but you are still the kind of paranormal that knows how to make others smile.
#2 31.4%
Werewolf. You're a fun and happy paranormal that cant help if you annoy people with your positive attitude. You love to play especially with your pack. You're a social as can be but will protect your pack if you have to. You're strong and fast no doubt, but your silliness can no doubt do more damage than good sometimes if you're not careful. And you know how to stop someone from crying and make them laugh in a second.
#3 23.5%
Vampire. You're solitary and got a lot of things to figure out. You may be a little agro from time to time. But you know you got a good heart somewhere in there. You're fast, strong and wont take an insult without a fight. Though you're ego may be pretty big, you care for your friends.
#4 0.0%
Mutant. You are anything. You have your own powers and personality that cant be described. You have the silliness of a werewolf, the brains of a vampire, the toughness of a zombie, and the kindness of a ghost. You may have been created that way but I bet you are still your own person.
#5 0.0%
Zombie. You're tough, rough and probably wont be made fun of anytime soon. You make sure of that pretty well. You may be slow athletic and intelligence wise sometimes but you know how to put fear in others hearts. You still have a kind heart...somewhere. But you know how to keep your limits at bay if it's overboard. As tough as you are, you have sensitive side. Don't lie, though guy! You have your moments.

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