Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 20 Degrassi characters--Who Are You? results of 73 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Degrassi characters--Who Are You?.

#1 31.5%
Declan Coyne - Declan is Fiona Coyne's rich, snobby twin brother.
#2 11.0%
Adam Torres - Adam is the show's first transgender character; he was born biologically female and identifies as male.
#3 11.0%
Connor Deslauriers - Connor is the godson to Archie 'Snake' Simpson and Christine 'Spike' Nelson.
#4 9.6%
Fiona Coyne - Declan Coyne's rich, rude twin sister.
#5 8.2%
Clare Edwards - Clare is Darcy's younger sister and Alli's best friend.
#6 4.1%
Allia 'Alli' Bhandari - Alli is Sav's younger sister and Clare Edward's best friend.
#7 4.1%
Chantay Black - A member of the Power Squad and a common friend of Darcy, Leia, and other students.
#8 4.1%
Holly J Sinclair - Heather Sinclair's younger sister.
#9 4.1%
Riley Stavros - He is a member of the football team and is credited for Degrassi's first win.
#10 2.7%
Bianca De Sousa - Appears to come from a dance background and leads a small dance crew at Degrassi.
#11 2.7%
David Turner - Chantay's cousin. His main goal at Degrassi is to 'rise to the top'.
#12 2.7%
Elijah 'Eli' Goldsworthy - Always seen wearing all black, and driving a hearse, other Degrassi students believe he has an obsession with death.
#13 2.7%
Savtaj 'Sav' Bhandari - Alli's older brother. He starts dating Anya despite his Muslim upbringing.
#14 1.4%
Mark 'Fitz' Fitzgerald - He's the school bully.
#15 0.0%
Anya MacPherson - Anya was Holly J.'s best friend and often complied with whatever Holly J. told her to do.
#16 0.0%
Drew Torres - He is Adam's stepbrother. He tries out for the football team and becomes Riley's rival for quarterback.
#17 0.0%
K.C. Guthrie - He's smart, short-tempered, and becomes a member of the basketball team.
#18 0.0%
Leia Chang - She transferred to Degrassi from a ballet school.
#19 0.0%
Owen Milligan - One of Riley and Drew's teammates on the football team.
#20 0.0%
Wesley Betenkamp - Best friend of Connor and Dave. He turns to Drew for advice on how to be cool.

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