Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 5 Are you an anti-semite? results of 196 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Are you an anti-semite? .

#1 44.4%
You are not an Anti-Semite, good for you!
#2 37.8%
You are an Anti-Semite in the sense that you have a dislike for all or most Jews, bceause they are Jews.
#3 15.3%
Like it or not, you are an Anti-Semite. You may officially like Jews, but you fail to realize that Arabs are semites as well
#4 2.0%
You are an anti-semite, but you hate Jews and Arabs equally
#5 0.5%
You are a Semetic supremacist, and are just as far in as the Anti-Semites...

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