Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 5 Legends Alliance results of 47 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Legends Alliance.

#1 48.9%
Labyrinth of Doom: Modded by Chik, Selena and Nyc (and at one point DevilPaladin and Vet), this dorm was full of morbid perverts. It was a party 24/7 and members were introduced to a perhaps unhealthy amount of spam and gore upon their dorming. A place of darkness and depravety.
#2 19.1%
Chamber of Sages: Modded by ShadowStorm, Vinny, and Crystalline Tears. This dorm was full of the artistic members of LA, but wasn't necessarily the most active group. It was quite a bit like Kakariko, it's predecessor. Still, 11.. 12... 13? Year Old and Korhend ran a brotherhood of mutants here, and pie lovers of all kinds worshipped their lovely desserts. They were jaded and apathetic, as Deej claims.
#3 12.8%
Desert of Mystery: Modded by Flint, Jaina and Meep, the Desert of Mystery was perhaps Vet's pet project after HoH and Kak were removed. The members within the dorm had a close bond with each other, strengthened a bit by a dorm lock-in, but did not necessarily welcome energetic outsiders much. The Desert Defenders guarded their home with pride and a rampaging fish ruled the sands!
#4 12.8%
Hall of Heroes: Modded by Flint and Jaina, who ruled as king and queen of the dorm! HoH and LoD were quite the rivals, always trying to outdo each other in competitions. This dorm, however, entered a civil war for a long while, with members almost getting banned outright over it. Still, the heroes recovered to win a competition, beating both LoD and Kak and they pillaged them both until the next set of dorms (CoS/DoM) was made!
#5 6.4%
Kakariko Village: Modded by Vinny and Crystalline Tears, this dorm was full of females, with the exceptions of Korhend and DarkJuno! It was a dorm full of artistic folk, who were never too involved in all the rivalries and taunting. They preferred to keep to themselves (except for CT and Korhend) and go about their own business. At one point, an adventure RPG between LoD and Kak existed.

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