The Best Jobs For High School Graduates
Links to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook

1. Advertising sales agent

2. Aircraft structure, surface, rigging or systems assembler

3. Artist or crafts worker

4. Athlete or sports competitor

5. Automotive body or related repairer

6. Automotive service technician or mechanic

7. Bailiff

8. Boilermaker

9. Bookkeeping, accounting or auditing clerk

10. Brickmason or blockmason

11. Brokerage clerk

12. Bus driver; transit or intercity

13. Bus or truck mechanic or diesel engine specialis

14. Buyer or purchasing agent; farm products

15. Carpenter

16. Cement mason or concrete finisher

17. Chef or head cook

18. Choreographer

19. Claims adjuster, examiner or investigator

20. Commercial pilot

21. Computer numerically controlled machine tool programmer; metal or plastic

22. Computer-controlled machine tool operator; metal or plastic

23. Construction or building inspector

24. Correctional officer or jailer

25. Correspondence clerk

26. Crane or tower operator

27. Dental laboratory technician

28. Detective or criminal investigator

29. Dredge operator

30. Drywall or ceiling tile installer

31. Electrical power-line installer or repairer

32. Electrician

33. Elevator installer or repairer

34. Eligibility interviewer, government program

35. Engine or other machine assembler

36. Excavating or loading machine or dragline operator

37. Executive secretary or executive administrative assistant

38. Faller or logger

39. Farmer, rancher or other agricultural manager

40. Fine artist, including painter, sculptor or illustrator

41. Fire inspector or investigator

42. Fish or game warden

43. Flight attendant

44. Food service manager

45. Gaming Manager

46. Gaming Supervisor

47. Glazier

48. Hazardous materials removal worker

49. Hoist or winch operator

50. Human resources assistant, except payroll or timekeeping

51. Industrial machinery mechanic

52. Information or record clerk, all other

53. Insulation worker, mechanical

54. Insurance claim or policy processing clerk

55. Insurance sales agent

56. Jeweler or precious stone or metal worker

57. Lathe or turning machine tool setter, operator or tender; metal or plastic

58. Legal secretary

59. Loading machine operator, underground mining

60. Loan interviewer or clerk

61. Locomotive engineer

62. Locomotive firer

63. Lodging manager

64. Machinist

65. Maintenance or repair worker, general

66. Maintenance worker, machinery

67. Medical appliance technician

68. Metal-refining furnace operator or tender

69. Milling or planing machine setter, operator or tender; metal or plastic

70. Millwright

71. Mobile heavy equipment mechanic, except engine

72. Model maker; metal or plastic

73. Motorboat mechanic or service technician

74. Motorboat operator

75. Nuclear power reactor operator

76. Occupational health or safety technician

77. Operating engineer or other construction equipment operator

78. Painter, construction or maintenance

79. Painter, transportation equipment

80. Patternmaker; metal or plastic

81. Paving, surfacing or tamping equipment operator

82. Payroll or timekeeping clerk

83. Pile-driver operator

84. Plumber, pipefitter or steamfitter

85. Police or sheriff's patrol officer

86. Police, fire or ambulance dispatcher

87. Postal service clerk

88. Postal service mail carrier

89. Postal service mail sorter, processor or processing machine operator

90. Power distributor or dispatcher

91. Power plant operator

92. Private detective or investigator

93. Procurement clerk

94. Production, planning or expediting clerk

95. Property, real estate or community association manager

96. Purchasing agent, except wholesale, retail or farm product

97. Rail car repairer

98. Rail yard engineer, dinkey operator or hostler

99. Railroad brake, signal or switch operator

100. Railroad conductor or yardmaster

101. Real estate broker

102. Real estate sales agent

103. Rolling machine setter, operator or tender; metal or plastic

104. Roofer

105. Sailor or marine oiler

106. Sales representative, wholesale or manufacturing, except technical or scientific product

107. Sheet metal worker

108. Solar photovoltaic installer

109. Stationary engineer or boiler operator

110. Stonemason

111. Structural iron or steel worker

112. Structural metal fabricator or fitter

113. Substance abuse or behavioral disorder counselor

114. Surveying or mapping technician

115. Taper

116. Telecommunications line installer or repairer

117. Terrazzo worker or finisher

118. Tile or marble setter

119. Tool or die maker

120. Transit or railroad police

121. Water or wastewater treatment plant or system operator

122. Welder, cutter, solderer or brazer

123. Wholesale or retail buyer, except farm product