MedicalNursing Leadership and Management
A Flowchart by TSJ
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This is how I met my goals for being an effective nursing leader in my hospital unit

Step I: Plan
Step II: Do
Step III: Check
Step IV: Act

1. Develop, strengthen and communicate a vision for team members.
1. Before each shift members of the unit come together and do a small huddle.
Although implementing new ideas and goals can be difficult, each member of the unit worked to implement each goal into how they interacted with one other and continue to improve as time passes.
Because the plan has been gong so well, it will continue to be used along with added contingencies for adding or removing members to the unit.

2. Emulating confidence that inspires others.
2. Leading by example encourages other in your team especially those with whom you supervise the motivation to get things done effectively

3. Gain the respect and trust of members, informing members of their value and importance to the unit.
3. Inform each member of their value and importance such as commending each member when a task is completed effectively, working with them to complete tasks and not only delegating, and trusting assigned tasks will be completed without micromanaging.

4. Encouraging members of unit with their own developments in leadership skills.
4. Encouraging members to work cohesively with one another in sharing their concerns, ideas and respecting other members of the unit no matter their job entitlement.

5. Improving communication skills between members of unit and supervisors.
5. Developing a cohesive work environment where all members value and respect each other opens better lines of communication between all disciplines.