EducationPre-Referral Process
A Flowchart by MsKathy
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This flow chart should help simplify the Pre-Referral Process before any testing for special education services.

Teacher has student concerns and schedules conference with parents.
Teacher brings student concerns to SAT. The team problem solves, and intervention(s) are tried for 6 weeks.
Student responds as expected to the intervention..
Student continues on with the class using intervention. Process stops here.


parentsTeacher reviews cum file, checks with the nurse, fills out Form 1, and brings to the next Student Assessment Team (SAT) meeting.
At a follow up SAT meeting, the team problem solves and chooses a different intervention for a second 6 week trial.
Teacher sets up a parent conference. explaining the second 6 week intervention.
Student responds to the intervention. Process stops here.

Teacher sets up a parent meeting explaining results and the next step in referral. The Child Study Team (special education)meets to decide what testing needs to be done, and parent gives permission for a special education evaluation at no charge to them.