EducationPecan Production
A Flowchart by Madz6666
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This Flowchart will explain the steps in pecan production.

1. Plant the Pecan nuts.
2. Allow pecan trees to grow for 2 years.
3. Graft a chosen Pecan branch onto the seedling.
4. Plant them in the ground.
5. Now wait 10-15 years for the pecan trees to mature.

10. Size the nuts.
9. Dry the nuts to less then 4% moisture.
8. Sort the nuts.
7. Use mechanical harvester to pick up nuts.
6. Use a shaking machine to shake the nuts off the tree.

11. Pack the nuts and exports them to China.
12. Transported to poor provinces in China to be cracked.
13. Sent to factories to be soaked in flavoring.
14. Some nuts are roasted.
15. Packing the nuts.

18. Eat the nuts.
17. Sell them to the public.
16. Sell the nuts to retailers.