MedicalNew IVR Phone system
A Flowchart by bchczy
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Outline how the IVR phone system will work

Patient calls 9355 number
calls are already set to forward to Odoro # 7007
Odora voice scheduler picks ups.
Press 1 to make an automated appointment 24 hours a day
If they press #1 they enter into automated scheduling system to make appointment.

Press #2 if you are trying to reach our office
If patient has a problem once inside automated scheduler they press # 3 to speak with a live attendant during business hours. (Odora might allow us to pick different phone #'s for this to be forwarded to depending on who is working?

If they press #2 the call is forwarded to our 9316 # which has our voicemail on it. We currently use this now when the office is closed.
once patient presses # 3 the call is forwarded to the live attendant (Cell phone of whoever is working that shift?

Staff check the voicemail system how often for patients/people who have pushed #2 and left a message
At the end of each shift where does this person forward calls to? they can call forward calls back to 9316 where voicemail is but this will be a problem since #2 goes to this voicemail system already (we can't have this forwarded to diffrent staff everyday since #2 drops into voicemail system)

Staff check the voicemail system how often for patients/people who have #2 and left a message?
If Odora cannot set this up this way we only allow patients/people to press # 2 when they first call the scheduler and they get the voicemail that staff checks periodically ?