HealthMagnetic Resonance Imaging Machine Training
A Flowchart by JWilke
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This is flow chart is designed to determine a training example to provide insight to the training adminstration.

Structure: Teams should only contain 5-7 members.
Objectives: To provide adaquate core development training and test of the standards of procedures of the new equipment.
Goals: Properly train staff to use new equipment, how to follow saftey procedures, and maintain the equipment.

Roadblocks: Teams must be eager to use intrapersonal,and visual skills to provide feedback to determine whether the training is effective.
Common communication issues are differing learning styles, personalities,expectations,and priorities

Team Charters: Teams should set rules, and responsiblities for group work.
Tips for team building: Control Collaboration Communication
Creative Innovation: Use current technologies and excerises to keep the groups interest.