Role Playing GamesPF; A New Dawn: Quest Tree
A Flowchart by joefat23
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Mushroom Collection. A young wizard named William asks you to collect some rare mushrooms for a magical potion. Rewards: 15 gold (per mushroom), and mushrooms.
Captain's Orders. You are asked to go to the office of Captain Nemmack, he tells you he wants you to enlist in the Ekran military, as a test of your abilities, he asks you to clear out a local dungeon. Rewards: 10 gold (per person), military contract.
License to Kill. In order to accept a bounty, you need a bounty license. The application requires a recommendation. Reward: Bounty License.

The Name Change. William is wanted by the Wizard Police, he needs to change his name, he asks you to kill the wizard in town. Rewards: 30 gold
Goblin Problem. Captain Nemmack asks you to kill a few goblins in Vercol woods. Reward: 25 gold (each), access to Vercol outpost.
Dying Man's Wish. An old sailor has a dying wish, the return of his beloved ship which was stolen by bandits. Reward: 300 gold, Cutlass of the Coral (UI)
Elf Extraction. An Elf explorer went missing in Stanton woods, a reward is posted for his safe return. Reward: 200 gold, 25 gold (each).

Exploring the Ulb. Zedd asks you to join an explorer team to investigate time residue. Reward: XP potions, 40 gold.
Battle of Elev. The goblin village of Elev needs to be eradicated. Reward: Military rank, Elev contract, key to Elev.
Battle of Vercol. The Orcs are attacking Vercol outpost, protect it. Reward: Military rank, 30 Vercol arrows, (C) Steel's bow.
Bounty list one: Kill an ogre in Vercol Woods R:600 gold. Destroy a haunted house R: 50 gold (each) Neowand (UI). Kill a group of mad cultist R: 200 gold, 30 gold (each)
Meeting the Ghost. You've proven yourself and are contacted by Robert Specter, he has a job for you. Reward: 500 gold, Specter contract.

The Colossus. Zedd asks you to clear out the Colossus. Reward: Access to the Colossus, Zedd's packs (UI), XP potions.
Battle of Lumac. Time to attack the Orc city of Lumac. Reward: Military rank, Ajax's mask (UI), Ajax's blade (UI).
Battle of Negfix. A massive assault is planned to attack the large goblin city, Negfix. Reward: 1000 gold, Crown of Collips (UI), Juju staff (UI).
Bounty list two: Join an expedition to the forest of stone grove R: 100 gold (each). Recover a lost book R: 300 gold. Find a missing daughter R: 1000 gold
Tnena Sabotage. Robert asks you to poison the water supply of an orc town, Tnena. Reward: 600 gold, Suppage poison, (C) 600 gold.