EducationAfrica's Biggest Problems
A Flowchart by wbsumner
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Population growth

Causes: having very large families.
Causes: over population, lack of modern farming equipment, civil war, and deforestfication, and desertification.
Causes: overgraze of livestock
Causes: not enough schools
Causes: drinking contaminated water, Tsetse fly, and other insects

Problems: food and housing shortages.
Problems: People are starving and dying because of famine Solutions: Modern equipment, seed and fertilizer for farmers, plant more trees, and stop overgrazing of livestock.
Problems: The livestock eats all the grass and roots so there is no grass to hold the soil. So the land is turning into desert.
Problems: they do not know how to read and write. Solutions: they are building more schools.
Problems: tsetse fly causes sleeping sickness, and other insects can cause deadly diseases, not enough medical care.

Solution: Education on birth control, and modern equipment for the farmers.
Solution: modern farm equipment, farm less cash crops and more crops feed the local people.
Solution: modern farm equipment to produce feed for the livestock..
Solutions: they are building more schools.
Solutions: build more hospitals, educate about diseases, water filter systems.