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information about bruce lee

Was born on November 27, 1940 At Chinatown, San Francisco, USA born in both the hour and the year of the Dragon
Began training in Wing Chun at the age of 13 under the Wing Chun teacher Yip Man in 1954
Appears in his first film at the age of 3 months in the film Golden Gate Girl
Enters La Salle College, a Catholic boys' school in Hong Kong
Begins to study Wing Chun gung fu under Yip Man

The Lee family moves to Los Angeles
Bruce Lee's father, Lee Hoi Chuen, passes away in Hong Kong
Son, Brandon Bruce Lee, is born in Oakland
Flys to America to get a better education at St. Francis Xavier High School
Wins Hong Kong's Crown Colony Cha-Cha Championship

Begins shooting ''The Green Hornet'' TV series
Opens the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, Los Angeles
Daughter, Shannon Emery Lee, is born in Santa Monica, California
Goes to Thailand to film ''The Big Boss'' for Golden Harvest
Films second film for Golden Harvest ''Fist of Fury''

Bruce Lee passes away in Hong Kong
Interrupts filming of ''Game of Death'' to film ''Enter the Dragon''
Begins filming fight sequences for ''Game of Death''
Writes, directs, choreographs and stars in ''The Way of the Dragon''
Forms his own production company called ''Concord''

Laid to rest in Seattle, Washington