EducationMultiple Intelligences
A Flowchart by getlostinabook
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Direct student to a research topic that will make use of his/her strongest intelligence.

I often listen to music in my free time.
I love crossword puzzles and other word games.
Charts, maps, and graphic organizers help me learn.
I like spending time by myself.
I often help others without being asked.


I play a musical instrument (or would like to).
I enjoy studying about the earth and nature.
I get along well with different types of people.
I often think about my goals and dreams for the future.
I enjoy being outside in all types of weather.


I like to play games involving numbers and logic.
I enjoy caring for pets and other animals.
I love projects that involve acting or moving.
Written assignments are usually easy for me.
Having quiet time to think over ideas is important to me.

My best way to learn is by doing hands-on activities.
I can learn new math ideas easily.
I am good at physical activities like sports or dancing.
I love painting, drawing, or designing on the computer.
I love the challenge of solving a difficult math problem.

I read for pleasure every day.
Design a board game to demonstrate..


Write a journal entry using Fates Applet at
Listen to various recordings of popular music during the WW II era. Choose a song that you feel best represents
Diagram battlefield highlighting the benefits and challenges that nature provided.
Write a play based on