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This flow chart will explain the history of FCCLA.

1945 - Future Homemakers of America was founded in Chicago, IL
First State President and Georgia's first National officer was Pat Randolph (Mrs. Richard B. Russell III)
1965 - New Homemakers of America - similar organization in predominantly Black schools - merged with FHA.
1948 - The first national Future Homemakers of America meeting was held in Kansas City, when the national constitution was ratified.
1965 - Future Homemakers of America and New Homemakers of America merged into one organization

1999 - Future Homemakers of America was changed to Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America at the National Convention in Boston, MA. Our futuristic oval logo was voted on by FCCLA members in October
1995 - Family and consumer sciences becomes the new name of the home economics profession
1978-79 - FHA emblem was changed to an eight sided emblem. FHA and HERO were situated in the center of the emblem with rays extending to the edge representing FHA/HERO's outreach to the community.