A Flowchart by chelsea
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Step 4: stamping the enzyme into the cellulose acetate gel

Place alignment base near the sample plate with the words "helena laboratories" facing you
place a folded sheet of blotting paper adjacent to alignment base
remove gel from buffer and place it between the folded paper dull side up
gently press to remove excess buffer
place a drop of buffer on the center of alignment base

remove applicator from sample plate
press applicator down 2 or 3 times
with "super Z" facing you, place the two legs on the plate so that the numbers on the applicator correspond to wells on sample plate
alignment base so that the edge of the gel labeled with (-) matches up with the line on the alignment base labelled "cathode application"
with dull surface up, place gel on the alignment base.

place the applicator into the alignment base again so that "super Z" is facing you
press pins of applicator down onto the gel for 5 seconds (do no press too hard!)
all eight pins should have transferred their samples, leaving 8 green bands
take the gel to the electrophoresis chamber