EducationProblem Bx
A Flowchart by tauu
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Notify other staff within the environment, ask BT if he needs something by gesturing to his FCR pecs on his token board. If he uses his FCRs, honor the request. If not, continue the current activity but watch your space.
1 SIB or minor ED
BT engages in one instance of Aggression, Mock Aggression, Dangerous/Major Environmental Destruction, Public Masturbation, Inappropriate Touches, Rectal Digging/Straining, Disrobing, Inappropriate UA/BMA, or Noncompliance.

2nd SIB or minor ED within 60''
Notify other staff within the environment, remove other students and rearrange the environment in the event the sit-out is not successful at de-escalating him. Cue BT to a sit out. Compliant?
Inform other staff in the area, ensure you have the necessary equipment and cue BT to walk to timeout. Staff should remind BT of community outings and that if he does not walk by himself, he will not be available to go on any community trips for the next forty-eight hours. Walks?


Provide verbal praise for walking. Staff should then set a timer for 59 minutes. The door of the timeout room should be shut. Ben must complete the 59 minute timeout with the last 10 minutes of calm (meaning no EDs, SIB, Mock AOs, Verbal Threats, Loud Vocals, PM, IUA, IBM, Disrobing, straining or rectal digging). While in timeout staff should not provide any verbal instruction/interaction.