EducationSAP Process Flowchart
A Flowchart by MJ
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SAP Process at Catty Middle School

SAP Referral - referral is received by SAP team in-house or via an online form
Data Collection - grades/attendance/discipline records, checklists, observations, health status, IEP/504
Team Planning - review data and determine if referral is appropriate for the program
Contact parent with SAP concerns once referral is deemed appropriate
Parents says "No" - STOP


Parent says "Yes" - obtain verbal/written consent and proceed to next step

Set up meetings with parent/child

Action Plan
COMMUNITY: Pyramid assessment, MH/Drug and Alcohol treatment, Probation, social supports, other treatment options

IN-SCHOOL: Set up services and activities to assist the student during school hours (mentoring, tutoring, meetings with guidance counselor/school psychologist, sports/extracurricular activities)