A Flowchart by Letisha Edwards
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Student is not adhering to tier 1 on the Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Model. (SPE 529 Lecture "4")

Student is referred to the Child Study Team.

Child Study Team meets with child's teacher to discuss concerns., request referring teacher to gather data via observations, and document when/where/ time was seen acting out

Teacher is told to collect data via observations and behavior chart for a specified time period. Child is aware of procedure. (Tier 2)

Follow up meeting with to discuss data that was collected.

Child's behavior has improved, no further steps needed.
Child's behavior has not improved. Specialized interventions are introduced.(Tier 3)
Student is now scheduled to meet with counselor for a specified amount a time per week.
Behavior, is still an issue.

Misbehavior has decreased, child continues meeting with counselor no other action is needed.
Child Study team comes to decision to proceed with paper work for testing.
Student is tested, and its diagnosed as having a behavior disorder. Child is placed in appropriate classroom, no other action is needed