Education504 Request with Outside Psychological
A Flowchart by amyjo
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504 Request with Outside Psychological Report

Staff member receives parent request for 504 Plan and presents a Psychological Evaluation Report by an outside professional
Staff member gives report to the Exceptional Children's Compliance Facilitator (even if parent does not want EC services).
EC CF schedules EC Referral Meeting with parent.
If EC IEP Team determines that no evaluation for EC services will be conducted, EC CF gives EC DEC1 document and outside report to student's counselor.
Counselor obtains Parent Consent for 504 Evaluation

If EC IEP Team determines that an EC evaluation will be conducted, Parent Consent for EC Evaluation will be obtained and EC Process Continues.
Counselor collects teacher feedback on current functioning, collects existing documentation on student.

Counselor presents relevant information to 504 Review Team (for compliance purposes).

Counselor schedules 504 Eligibility Meeting with parents, teachers, 504 Review Team representative, and student (when appropriate).