Alcoholic BeveragesDWI Flow Chart
A Flowchart by JH
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Roadside SFSTs :HGN, Walk and Turn, One Leg Stand (Refer to SFST Scoring Sheet)
Suspicion of DWI During Stop
Refuses roadside SFSTs and PBT, or is unable to perform

"Passes" SFSTs
"Fails" SFSTs
Check CCH for priors. Two priors is mandatory blood draw. (Still request blood in case they decide to consent. Better in court.)
Arrest for Suspicion if PC Exists

Cite/Warn as needed, and release (Good idea to request sober driver if an option)
Arrest on Suspicion of DWI and transport to jail
Blood draw kit at hospital then fill out DIC-23, DIC-23A, and DIC-24. DO NOT FILL OUT DIC-25

SFSTs again on camera at jail. Did they blow over .08?
Read DIC-24 on vehicle audio if possible. Did they agree to give breath specimen?




Decision time. You can still charge with DWI if reason for stop and behavior indicating intoxication is clearly articulated.
Charge with DWI. Fill out DIC-23, 24, and 25. Confiscate DL