EducationStudent Study Team Flowchart
A Flowchart by leenysilva
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SST Referrral and Meeting Flowchart for Parents and Educators

Student is struggling
Teacher notices, or parent communicates with teacher.
Teacher tries informal interventions for 4 weeks
Student continues to struggle, and teacher fills out a refferal packet. Packet requires documentation of interventions tried
When teacher turns in packet to counselor, counselor arranges collaboration meeting.

Student Improves. Accommodations should be implemented consisitently.
Parent, counselor and staff are invited to 1st SST meeting, more information is shared, interventions and outcomes are shared. Teacher feedback forms are collected.Targeted/Intensive interventions are suggested, and specific staff/parents are made responsible.
Teachers meet, and collaborate and decide if SST should be held. Counselor distributes Teacher feedback forms.
Counselor gathers student information such as grades, test scores, history, etc.

A follow-up meeting is scheduled for 4 weeks after initial SST meeting.
2nd SST meeting is held with staff, parents, and school psychologist can be invited. Progress is reported, and staff determine next step of action.

Student Improves. Accommodations should be implemented consisitently.
Psych Evaluation, SARB, BSP, counseling, Adult School, etc.