HealthFinancial Aid Decision Tree
A Flowchart by mindy
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Use this flowchart to help you determin what a person/family qualifies for.


Recieved: -Energy Assistance -Hoosier Healthwise -CANI (Headstart) -CANI (Childcare Voucher) -TANF (Cash Assistance) -SNAP (Foodstamps)
If person is not satisfied, submit paperwork for Full Review
FULL Reveiw by back office

Person comes in with their completed application and supporting documents.

Provided the following documents: -Most recent federal income tax return -Court order verifying child support -Verification of any governmental assistance -2 most current paycheck stubs for all wage earners -Current SSI documentation -Proof of unemployment/verification not employed -Proof of any other source of income
Use worksheet to determine what the person qualifies for.
Fill out "For office use" part of application with all information.
Full Review by back office.