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▷ ▶ MARBLE EXPERIMENT free Science & Nature flowcharts and decision trees.
By kevinsmom
Category: Science & Nature. Viewed 1128 times. Created February 2018.     Disclaimer.   
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Which type of marble travels faster? Glass, Wooden or Metallic

Weigh each marble. Which marble is the heaviest? Which marble is the lightest?
Roll two different marbles at the same time down two super duper hex bug roller coasters. (Repeat each set three times.)
Which marble arrived at the end of the roller coaster first?
Take two different marbles, extend your arms and drop them in a bucket at the same time. (Repeat each set three times.)
Which marble landed in the bucket first?

The weight of the marble does NOT effect it's speed!
What did I learn? I learned that it is VERY hard to drop two marbles at the same time!
Which marble won the race?
Now, take two marbles and race them in a laundry basket at a 145 degree angle. (Repeat each set three times.)