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▷ ▶ Where and When Do the Federal Rules of Evidence Apply? free Law flowcharts and decision trees.
LawWhere and When Do the Federal Rules of Evidence Apply?
By Pearl16
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Rules 101 and 1101

What Court Is This?

U.S. Court of Appeals U.S. District Court -including territories -including Magistrate hearings -including Bankruptcy cases U.S. Court of Federal Claims
U.S. Supreme Court Federal Administrative Agency State Court

What Type of Hearing?
Federal Rules do not apply by their own terms, but some have adopted the Rules or look to them for guidance

Summary Contempt Preliminary Determination Grand Jury Warrant Request Extradition Bail Sentencing Probation Similar "Miscellaneous Proceedings"
Other Stages of Civil, Criminal, Admiralty, Maritime, Bankruptcy, or Contempt Proceeding

Privilege rules apply, but not others; judges may look to Federal Rules for guidance.
Federal Rules of Evidence apply in full.