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MedicalProcess Analysis at APH
By kldmph
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Step 1: Enter APH L&D check-in desk entrance

Step 2: Baby born en route or birth imminent, mom & baby taken to L&D on 2nd floor Registered & admitted Complications? Go to Step 7
Step 7: Take mother to OR/ICU Stablized?
Take mom & baby to care room Discharge in 40-44 hrs.


Step 3: Baby not yet born Mom pre-registered? If no, send to 1st floor registration If yes, Go to Step 4
Baby in NICU until ready to transfer to baby nursery near mom room. Baby stable, discharge with mom, not stable, discharge when ready

Step 4: Take mom to 8th floor L&D Triage for assessment Active labor?
Take mom to 2nd floor L&D until baby is born


Step 5: No contractions-send mom home, reenter system at later date Contractions not close enough, walk to progress, return to Triage at prescribed time

Step 6: baby born, no complications after 2 hrs-transfer to mom-baby care unit for 40-44 hrs

Step 8: Discharge mom & baby Take by wheelchair to exit