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▷ ▶ Causes and effects of the Revolutionary War free History flowcharts and decision trees.
HistoryCauses and effects of the Revolutionary War
By Enrico45
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This flowchart is going to explain the causes and the effects of the revolutionary war.

French and Indian War
Left Great Britain in debt
Proclamation of 1763
angered the colonist b/c they could not settle west of the Appalachian mountains
Sugar Act

colonist had to pay for a stamp on paper which led to protests and boycotts of British goods
Stamp Act
Colonist had to house soldiers in their home and feed them which angered the colonists
Quartering Act
Angered the colonist so they turned to smuggling sugar

Stamp Act Congress
Brought colonies together to protest the Stamp Act and got it reapplied
Sons + Daughters of Liberty
Led boycotts and enforced rules on colonists to obey the boycotts
Townshend Acts

Monopoly to trade tea and colonist started smuggling tea and boycotting British tea
Tea Act
Was used as an example of British cruelty against the colonists
Boston Massacre
Led to boycotts, protests, riots, and smuggling increased; later reapplied all but the tax on tea

Boston Tea Party
Colonists dumped chests of tea into the Boston harbor angering Great Britain
Intolerable Acts
Was the last straw for the colonists against taxation
Lexington and Concord

Was the 1st battle of the Revolutionary War against the colonists and Great Britain