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GovernmentHow Bills Are Introduced
By jenna
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Prefiling: Members can prefile bills for introduction in the month before session begins. Prefiled bills are officially introduced the first day of the session.
Introduction, or First Reading: First thing that happens to the bill. It must have 3 readings in each house before passing through the legislature.
Committee Action: This is where the committee decides how to report the bill to the entire house but not all bills get scheduled for a hearing so some bills don't move along any further.
Rules Committee: After the bill is reported to the correct committee it goes to the Rules Committee. The Rules Committee is made up of members from both parties. Each member on the committee gets to select two or three bills that will move on to the next step in the process
Rules Review /Rules White: The Rules Committee member decide if the bill should move on to the next step or not.

Governor's actions: The Governor reviews the bill. The Governor may decide to sign it, veto part of it, or veto all of it. If the Governor vetoes part or all of it, the Legislature may vote to override the veto
Enrolling: Once the bill has passed the legislature, it is enrolled. The bill gets signed by everyone it needs to be then passed on to the governor.
Third Reading: Where the final vote is taken on the bill. If the bill passes third reading in the second house and the second house did not amend the bill, the bill has passed the Legislature.
Second Reading: Chamber discusses the merits of the legislation and can make amendments to the bill.