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▷ ▶ Accreditation Application Process free Education flowcharts and decision trees.
A Flowchart by CULTAD. See CULTAD's 4me blog page.
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EducationAccreditation Application Process
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Accreditation Flowchart

Please wait to apply until your program has been offered for at least one year.
Have you offered your program for at least one year?
Is the program at least 40-Hours?
Before 2016, programs have to be at least 40 hours. Starting on 2016, programs need to be at least 60 hours.

Complete the application. Pay the Phase 1 fee of $500.00
Complete the Candidate Checklist.
Does your program meet Core Requirements?
Prepare your program to meet all standards. Apply when all Core Requirements are met.

Submit Candidate Checklist.
CMIE sends acknowledgement email and assigns auditor and co-auditor within 7 business days of application.

Auditor/co-auditor report presented to CMIE within 7 business days of Phase 1 End Date.
Auditor and co-auditor complete Phase 1 within 7 business days of assignment. Program meets core requirements?
Phase 1: Auditor sends introduction letter upon assignment, including the Start Date and End Date of Phase 1 to candidate.



CMIE sends Status Letter to candidate and requirements to be completed within 30 days.
CMIIE sends Phase 1 approval or Status letter letter to candidate within 7 days of Phase 1 review.
Phase 2: Candidate pays appropriate fee (academic or non-academic)
Auditor conducts site visit within 30 days of Phase 2 fee.

CMIE sends Status Letter to candidate (within 7 days of review) with requirements to be completed within 30 days.
Program meets 100% of core standards and 70% of non-core standards?
CMIE reviews report within 7 days of receiving auditor report,
Auditor and co-auditor submit report to CMIE within 7 business days of site visit.


Congratulations! CMIE sends accreditation approval within 7 days of CMIE review.
Accredited program added to IMIA Education Registry.