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1945 - Future Homemakers of America was founded in Chicago, IL
First State President and Georgia's first National officer was Pat Randolph
1948 - The first national Future Homemakers of America meeting was held in Kansas City, when the national constitution was ratified
1965 - Future Homemakers of America and New Homemakers of America merged into one organization
1970 - Occupational home econimics was included with Home Economics Related Occupations (HERO)

1995 - 50th anniversary of Future Homemakers of America
1995 - Family and consumer sciences becomes the new name of the home economics profession
1982 - National Meeting was held in Georgia for the first time (1991 National Meeting was in Washington, D.C. and 1992 National Meeting will be held in Chicago, Ill.)
1978-79 - FHA emblem was changed to an eight sided emblem. FHA and HERO were situated in the center of the emblem with rays extending to the edge representing FHA/HERO's outreach to the community.
1971 - HERO chapters were established to meet the needs of occupational students

1999 - Future Homemakers of America was changed to Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America