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A Flowchart by Joshua Payne. See Joshua Payne's 4me blog page.
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EducationDoolen M.S.Joshua Payne
By Joshua Payne
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My flowchart will instruct readers on how the budget decision is made and the various decisions and funding sources for Doolen Middle School.

Principal (RM)receives superintendents report on the overall school budget
Principal determines each source of funding to begin overall line item budget process
M & O (Maintenance and Operations) $2,695,548.00
Desegregation Funds $327,222.00
Title I Funds $493,171.00 Total Budget $3,462,751.00


Principal (RM) determines the projected number of students and divides it by the total of number of students to determine class size.
Site council creates annual reports on regression and recoupment. Site members clearly identifies all group and club budgets and expenditures
Principal determines FTE count (Full Time Equivalency) to begin hiring and DIT/RIF process (District initiated Transfer/Reduction in Force)
Hires the appropriate number of teachers paid out of desegregation. District office must approve the positions before the funds are made available. G.A.T.E/ELD are paid primarily out of these funds
Intervention teachers are paid out of Title I, as are student services ethnic studies representatives.



Principal plugs in line items budget and sends to district for approval.
Final budget report is drafted by site council, and is sent to legal, the Tucson Education Association TEA and equity to determine if funding sources are correctly identified.
Principal divides total budget subtracting all support staff not paid by district funding sources listed, subtracts maintenance, and operations including utilities, then has a firm number of general education teachers
Special programs receive funding from Desegration. The principal only can choose one of these two teacher positions to determine how many teachers each program will have.
unitary Status Plan Mandates that African American, and Hispanic student receive interventions and mentor supports. Determining how many supports from the budget listed is a decision the principal makes.