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EducationGEG, I need help!
By KGuthrie
Category: Education. Viewed 801 times. Created November 2013.     Disclaimer.   
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Oh man, I'm not feeling so hot. Should I stay home from work?
Is it between Monday and Friday (before 5 pm)?
OK. You should have no trouble getting in to contact with our staff. Please call 203.661.1609 to speak with one of our Directors personally.
Thanks for working here, but I think there's something way over there you should be working out. (pointing) way over there, away from GEG.
I am running late! Do I need to call in ??



Atta girl/boy, champ. Provided you don't have a fever, we're happy to have you in. Drink plenty of liquids and take a Dayquil.
Is it the middle of the night?
Please call 203.661.1609 and speak with one of your Scheduling Coordinators personally.
Say nothing, and bounce in like you're the last one arriving to a bottle service only night club . (wrong)
Call our main number to inform them. Emails are not preferred, as we are often speaking with the parent while you are not here. What do I do once I get here?


Please Email your Director (Kate Guthrie or Teri Gaberman) and your Scheduling Coordinator (Naleena or Aaliyah). You will be contacted in the morning.
Apply your manners and graciously apologize to your student, and front desk staff later if necessary. (correct)



At least you know what to bone up on. Please let your Director know, and we're happy to comp the session for the family. Everyone can't always be 100%.

We've got your back. So let's look at some different teaching methods. Set aside 10 minutes to sit down with your Academic Director to discuss different teaching styles and techniques. We appreciate your effort!!
Oh no, my student was not pleased with my session. Was I prepared?