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Deciding How To Name Chemical Compounds: Ionic Compounds, Molecular Compounds and Acids

It is a Hx_______?
It's an Acid! Is there an "O" in the name?
Decide if the polyatomic ending is "ite" or "ate Ex: Usual names HCl02 = Hydrogen chlorite HClO3 = Hydrogen Chlorate
"Ite" ending is renamed: Hydrogen Chlorite is renamed with: *No hydro and uses an "ous" ending Chlorous Acid



Does it have a metal in it?
Ex: HCl Typical name is: Hydrogen Chloride but you rename it....
"Ate" ending is renamed: Hydrogen Chlorate is renamed with: *No hydro and uses an "ic" ending Chloric Acid

Look to left and right of periodic table to decide
Keep Hydro Change end to "ic" Name is: Hydrochloric Acid *Hydro included

Choices are: Metal + non metal or Non metal + Non metal
Ionic Naming! *end in "ide" or polyatomic name *charges MUST balance
It the metal a Transitional Metal? (d group on periodic table)
Transition Metals: Roman numerals are used - see purple sheet on back! ex: FeO Iron (II) Oxide Fe2(NO3)3 iron (III) Nitrate



Molecular Naming Non metal + Non Metal
Regular Metals: so Roman Numerals not used ex: NaCl Sodium Chloride ex: NaNO3 Sodium Nitrate

Is it diatomic or a common name?
If Diatomic: 5 Gases: H2 hydrogen N2 nitrogen O2 oxygen F2 flourine Cl2 chlorine Liquid: Br2 bromine Solid: I2 iodine
If has a Common Name: 4 of these: H20 Water H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide NH3 Ammonia N20 Laughing Gas


Regular Molecules *Use Prefixes mono 1 di 2 tri 3 tetra 4 penta 5 hexa 6 hepta 7 octa 8 nona 9 deca 10
1st element: *no Mono used 2nd element: *Mono yes used *ends in "ide"
ex: CO2 Carbon dioxide N20 Dinitrogen Oxide P2O5 Diphosphorus Pentoxide
If you have two vowels together, eliminate the "a" in the prefix ex: Hexachloride : "a" stays Hexa-oxide "a" goes and is written Hexoxide