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▷ ▶ How to make an animal fossil free How-to flowcharts and decision trees.
A Flowchart by Eva_k. See Eva_k's 4me blog page.
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How-toHow to make an animal fossil
By Eva_k
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This flowchart will tell you how to 'make' animal fossils and show how they are formed in a flowchart.

Is you animal dead yet? Crucial step. Make sure it is in water or near enough to fall in shortly after death. The bacteria in the water will help decompose the skin and flesh while leaving the hard exoskeleton intact.
Do you understand that it will take quite a while to make a fossil?
After the bones and flesh are decomposed by bacteria or other sea animals, holes start forming and then, is when the process of sedimentary starts!



Go back and kill your animal by a river! or alternatively give it a quick burial when dead by sinking it in mud or being buried in a sand storm
Well... it will. For a fossil to form it would take millions of years but when conditions and materials are right, it can take five to ten years.