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EducationWhat Metal Ion is in This Solution?
By mandalynne12
Category: Education. Viewed 924 times. Created October 2013.     Disclaimer.   
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Flowchart of determining whether certain metal ions are located in certain solutions after being introduced to stressors

Step 1: -1.5 mL solution (3" test tubes) -2 drops Ammonium Chloride -Add 6M Ammonia Solution until basic -test with pH strip
Step 2: -2 drops 15M Ammonia -6 drops of Thioaetoamide solution -heat for 5 minutes in H2O bath
Step 3: -Centrifuge to seperate -Decant liquid -Wash precipitate 2x with H2O -Discard wasted H2O
Step 4: -12 drops H2O -2 drops 12M HCl -stir for a minute -centrifuge -immediately decant (save waste for step 6)
Step 5: -wash Step 4 precipitate with H2O -Discard wasted H2O -5 drops 6M HCl - 1 drop 6M Nitric Acid - Heat until precipitate dissolves -15M ammonia until solution is basic -Centrifuge -Discard precipitate -1 drop 15M Ammonia -3 drops Dimenthylglyoxime

Step 6: -10% Sodium Hydroxide -6 drops of Sodium Hydroxide -8-10 drops 3% Hydrogen Peroxide -Sir while adding Hydrogen Peroxide -Heat in boiling H2O until gas stops -Centrifuge
If there is a red precipitate, proves Nickel (II) Iron is in solution.

Step 8: -5 drops 6M HCl -Heat until dissolved -Cool down -i drop Potassium Hexacyanoterrate (II)
Step 7: -Decant and save the wash -Wash precipitate with hot H2O x2 -Discard H2O washings -spllit in half
Step 9: -5 drops 6M Nitric Acid -5 drops H2O -pinch of Sodium Bicarbonate -Stir -Centrifuge


If there is a deep blue precipitate (Prussian Blue) there is Iron (III) Ion
Step 10: -reduce colue to 2 mL by heating -Cool and return to test tube -6M Nitric Acid till soltuion is barely acidic - 15M Ammonia till basic -6 drops 15M Ammonia solution -Heat in boiling H2O for 1 minute
If there is a purple color, means there is a permanganate ion, which indidcates Manganese (II) ion


If there is a white precipitate and it's translucent there is an Aluminium Ion