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Science & NatureCobas 6000 Sample Flow
By Xano6190
Category: Science & Nature. Viewed 1093 times. Created October 2013.     Disclaimer.   
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This flowchart will show how a sample and reagent are sent through the Cobas 6000 to provide accurate test results

Samples are loaded into the Sample Loading Station
Tests to be performed are chosen from the Control Unit PC
Samples are then scanned by the computer one by one to verify correct sample types (Serum, Plasma, etc.)
Samples are put into different racks, depending on the tests to be performed within the analyzer
Trays of samples for each type of test are then loaded by the machine into a tray (up to 9 samples per testing tray)

The Cobas then scans each test using the analyzer, providing both positive and negative test results, as well as different assays for each sample
From here, the different reagents used for testing are pipetted into the sample tray
Each sample is pipetted (3 samples at a time) and placed into a testing rack, ready for reagent to be added (up to 264 samples per testing tray)
Each sample is individually uncapped and sent into the next area
Analyzer scans each sample per tray for defects in the sample/container and sorted accordingly

From here, the scanner scans each of the test results, and provides an accurate result onto the Control Unit PC
Results are then printed out and analyzed by a laboratory worker for a final conclusion, and relayed to a physician or manager of the lab