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AdviceBodywork Repair Procedures
By leicschris
Category: Advice. Viewed 759 times. Created October 2013.     Disclaimer.   
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Procedures for repairing a damaged panel

Inspect the panel. Is it damaged and need repair?
Using a DA Sander remove paint and return damaged area to bare metal making sure the edges are feathered to remaining paintwork
Does the bare damage require filler
mix filler to correct specification and spread on repair area. leave to harden and then flatten using 180 dry sandpaper and sanding block. Repeat until slightly proud of the remaining panel
Smooth filler repair with 240 grade dry sandpaper before adding stopper filler to fill any remaining pin holes and scratches

cover primed area with black guidecoat and allow to dry
Spray required area with high buid primer (2 coats), ensuring all PPE is worn including mask and allow to dry
Mask off all areas not to be painted and final clean area to be sprayed with tack cloth
Clean area and surrounding with airhose and then Clean area with degreaser and dry with clean dry cloth and move to spray booth
Dry sand filled area and sounding area of panel with 320 grade sandpaper until super smooth and no join can be felt by your hand between the join area of filler and panel

wet and dry sand with 800 grade wet and dry sandpaper, and soapy water until all guidecoat has been removed and area is perfectly smooth using a rubber sanding block
Dry with cleandry cloth before degreasing again
re-mask areas not to be sprayed again if necessary and final clean with tack cloth again
Spray basecoat colour (2 coats) and allow to dry
Spray laquer to area (2 coats) and allow to dry

clean, wax and polish car and return to customer
remove masking and machine polish with polish mop and compound