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▷ ▶ Special Inventory Process free How-to flowcharts and decision trees.
A Flowchart by magicservices. See magicservices's 4me blog page.
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How-toSpecial Inventory Process
By magicservices
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Special Inventory Process

Customer requests something special. In this example Bob's Burger Barn wants 100 Black Napkins.
The office will put the Black Napkins in the Customer Items as a "Demand" with a billing code of "IC" and a minimum percentage charge of "100%".
The office will make the special invoice for delivery. The computer will then put the total delivery quantity in the customers inventory.
The following week the computer will automatically place the special item on the customer's regular invoice, charging 100% of the delivered inventory.
The driver will notice the line item charging for the special items. He/she will make sure the soiled product is returned and will put the soil count on the invoice, reducing the amount due by the amount of soil returned.

If the soil count is equal to the inventory delivered originally the computer will no longer charge rental of the special items.
The office will put the soil count into the system. This will reduce the special inventory from the customer's account.

If the soil count is less than the inventory delivered originally the computer will charge rental on the remaining items not returned on the next scheduled delivery.