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A Flowchart by sarahshiflet. See sarahshiflet's 4me blog page.
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How-toJob Fair
By sarahshiflet
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Please use this flow chart for all applicants attending our job fair

Step #1: Has the applicant Applied online?
Step #2: All applicants must take tour of facility.
Step#3: Indicate applicants on log who are ready to be interviewed (have completed steps 1 & 2)
Step#4: If interviewer wants to make an offer




Set applicant up with a computer to fill out application online and have them come back to desk once complete
Log the applicant's information and give them a number
Assign applicants to tour groups (only people who have completed Step 1!)
Let applicant know that if chosen for a position, someone will contact them regarding an offer and further paperwork
Fill out blanks on job offer letter

Notify tour guide of next 5-10 numbers to call for the tour
Have Applicant fill out background check form