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By rloreth
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This flowchart explains the basic process of Divorce Mediation.

Free Consultation. Is Mediation right for you?
Schedule Mediation (both parties)
Gather financial information, necessary documentation. Consult Attorney for advice, if desired.
Meet with Mediator and resolve issues. Mediator will turn your agreement into a Mediated Settlement Agreement( MSA). Are Attorneys Present?
If agreed, sign BINDING Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA)




Hire Attorney to handle Divorce
Consult with Attorney to ensure you want to sign the MSA
An Attorney will attach your MSA to a Divorce Decree he has created, and will schedule a court date.


MEDIATION. Return to Mediation to resolve outstanding issues.
Either return to Mediation or Abandon Mediation and return to Adversarial Divorce Process with an Attorney.
Court Date. Judge will review proposed MSA/Divorce Decree and approve or modify.

Judge signs Divorce Decree. Divorce is final. Terms were determined by Judge.
LITIGATION. Extensive process. After period of time, your will have your final day in court.
Judge signs Divorce Decree. Divorce is Final on YOUR terms.