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HealthProstate Seed Process
By jere
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Prostate Seeds ordered by Physcian
Prostate Seeds arrive at Facility
Prostate Seeds are checked in by M.M. Staff or RSO, and Wipe Test of Shipping Package Performed, and Intake form filled out.
Prostate Seeds are stored in Locked Cabinets until time of Procedure
Physicians Staff retrieves the Prostate Seeds prior to each Patients Procedure.

Intake Form is matched up with Procedure Paperwork in Prostate Seed Binder
Prostate Seeds are processed for return, Quantity of Seeds returned notated on Intake Form and Shipping Information notated and Prostate Seeds shipped back.
Unused Prostate Seeds are stored in Locked Cabinet, to be returned by the RSO
Physicians Staff gives Procedure Paperwork to M.M Staff or RSO to be placed in Prostate Seed Binder.
Physicians Staff fills out the Procedure Paperwork.