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ComputerProject Plan Flowchart
By joellechow
Category: Computer. Viewed 871 times. Created September 2013.     Disclaimer.   
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Flash Project #1 Flowchart describes the process of my project.

START: We see the ocean with bubbles floating around.
A mermaid pans in from the left, with her fin swaying back and forth.
While she is swimming, her face is content, smiling. Blinking included on the facial expression.
As she slowly pans her way back and forth, a text appears that says, "look out!"
The mermaid becomes frightened and quickly swims away while doing a backflip.

Stage is blue, and either a coral or dolphin image will be set on the stage.
Mermaid has red hair, green fin, and purple top.
She begins to giggle and her facial expression changes from smiling to giggling.
A hook drops down and bubbles float around it.
As she swims away, another text appears that says, "Please do not fish around certain areas." -END-

Images will be edited through Illustrator or Photoshop.
Once the mermaid sees the hook, she is quickly frightened.

The hook is swaying back and forth.