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A Flowchart by Diamond44128. See Diamond44128's 4me blog page.
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How-toType 23 SOP
By Diamond44128
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Type 23 Authoring- Step by Step procedure to handling MSDS requests, even when minimal data is provided, on incoming requests from Scheduler or Web Importer that appear on the pending list. All reached Supplied Material (type 23) will have an Experimental Disclaimer.

Do you have a supplier MSDS?
Are you able to obtain Supplier MSDS via, Scheduler, Experiemental SDS, Information Warehouse or requestor?
The requestor must provide physical and chemical data via Translation form along with LZ competitive material and chemistry knowledge.
Create MSDS once info is recieved and place material on EU block list.



Review supplier MSDS and decide composition path.
Skip to : Do you have 100% composition with all CAS numbers disclosed?

Do you have 100% composition with all CAS numbers disclosed?
Determine if the material is hazardous or non-hazardous.
Is the material hazardous?
Send MSDS to TOX and Compliance for review. Add research name to prioritized list along with need by date after review is complete create MSDS.
Place material on EU block list.



Are all CAS numbers set up in Vision and have been reviewed in the last 3 years?
Have TOX review CAS records before proceeding. Or have CAS record created.
Create a RLZCAS using best template.


Add CAS number to record and proceed to generate MSDS.
Create MSDS.