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How-toHand Washing Dishes
By Echo1207
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Efficient way to get dishes done in a timely manner.

Is the workspace (counters, sink, dish rack) clean and clear of clutter?
Are the items needed to wash dishes ready-to-use? The following items should be in working condition, clean and sanitized: gloves, dish cloths, dish towels, scrub brushes & related dish-washing tools, drying pads.



Put away clean & dry dishes from the dish rack. Declutter the counter. Stack dirty dishes on counter. Clean out the sink; clean the dish rack. Wipe down counter space where dishes may dry.
Kitchen linens should be washed once a week--separate from other types of laundry. This includes dish washing items, as well as other kitchen linens, like aprons & potholders. Dish washing tools like scrub brushes should be soaked once a week in the sink in hot, soapy water with a 1/2 cup of bleach added. Gloves can be cleaned by putting them on and using hand washing technique with bleach, dish detergent, & hot water.