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LawHow a Bill Becomes a Law
By PhukMiBut
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This is a flowchart. For how a bill... becomes a law... not too complicated.

The bill is conceived.
Bill is introduced to the House of Representatives.
The bill is rejected.

Bill is introduced to the Senate.
Bill is referred to a committee for a hearing.
The committee studies the bill and may hold public hearings on it. They then have three options.
There is no action taken on the bill.

Take no action.
The bill is then referred to the Rules Committee, which now has two options.
A committee report on the bill is read in open session of the House or Senate.
The bill passes.

Place the bill on the second reading calender for debate before the entire body.
During the second hearing, a bill is up for debate and may
Be amended
The bill is then sent to the other house to repeat the process.
If amended in the second house, the first must approve the changes.

Stay the same.
The bill gets shot down.
The bill is then signed by both house leaders and sent to the governor.

Veto all or part of the bill.
The governor can then

Sign the bill into law.
Take no action, in which case the bill may become a law without signature.