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Here Hide the Keys - Opinion...a Flowchart
Opinion. Here Hide the Keys
By Daichi_Bogdan
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Art is the all-inclusive realm that oversees all that makes us who we are today. Religion, culture, thoughts, feelings, history, and so much more are all expressed in art in one form or another. All things are art and from art comes all things. This is where we look to for all other aspects of ourselves from day to day. Art feeds and nurtures all of our senses at one point or another. the Culinary Arts can feed our sense of taste or even alert our sense of smell, music can invigorate our sense of hearing, graphic arts can entice our sense of sight, and fashion designs can invoke our sense of touch and sight in one quick moment.

Without art it is certain that we would have nothing, for everything is interlocked with art, even the colors we associate with everyday occurrences, like a blade of grass, a cloud in the sky, the bark on a tree, the song of a nightingale, the fragrance that floats from a meadow, or even the sensation that you feel after a thunderstorm, are all expressed with art.

If anyone knows a better portal to the human emotions than to play on the harp strings of art, I beseech them to stand up and be heard. Even as I sit here today writing this simple article of praise to art, I am in the same instance creating art, for is not writing called the "literary arts"; for how long has mankind communicated with artistic symbols meant to represent a separate portion of the human thought process. Every letter we write is forming a small masterpiece that even in it's simplest form is a wonder to behold. From a quick love note which only holds the words "I love you" written to your beloved, to a page written in verse to describe the winter snow, both tug at the hearts of the reader just like a painting on display or a symphony on a stage.

Once you grasp the magnitude of art's power and significance, you hold in your hands, the key to the doors of infinity, and what that infinity entails, only you can create. This article is not one on a magnificent piece of artwork that you can find hanging in the Louvre in Paris or being performed on Broadway. This article is an invitation to all that read it, to embrace any and all aspects of art and bring them to life in your life and see what doors can be unlocked by simply expressing your thoughts in one of the countless venues of artistic expression. To those who heed the call and answer I welcome you to a world like none you have ever seen in the realm of reality. To those who wish to hold dear to reality and dismiss any form of imagination, I have only one thing to say:

"Reality is relative, and relativity is a creation of the imagination. From imagination, all things are born, even reality."