Multiple Choice
Member-Created Multiple Choice Selectors
Type Title
Multiple-choiceWho Is Your Ideal Girlfriend?
Multiple-choiceWhat Futurama Character Are You?
Multiple-choiceMcLeod's Daughters Characters
Multiple-choiceWhat tv character are you? (its funny)
Multiple-choiceWhich OC Character are you?
Multiple-choiceWhich Malcolm in the Middle character are you?
Multiple-choiceUltimate which South Park character are you? selector
Multiple-choiceWhich Kappa Mikey character are you?
Multiple-choiceUltimate Buffy Personality Quiz
Multiple-choiceWhich Madagascar Character suits you?
Multiple-choiceScrubs Character selector
Multiple-choiceWho Is Your Ideal Boyfriend?
Multiple-choiceEverybody Loves Raymond Character Selector
Multiple-choiceHouse MD
Multiple-choiceWhich ''LOST'' Character are you?
Multiple-choiceWhich ''Dharma & Greg'' character are you
Multiple-choiceWhich Lost Character are you?
Multiple-choiceWhich Friends Character Are YOU???
Multiple-choiceWhat Howard Stern Show personality are you?
Multiple-choiceDrake and Josh Selector
Multiple-choiceWhich Smallville Character Are You
Multiple-choiceWhich Shuriken School Character are you?
Multiple-choiceKing of the Hill character selector
Multiple-choiceRVB which charicter are you
Multiple-choiceFoster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Multiple-choiceEd, Edd, Eddy personality quiz
Multiple-choiceGrowing up Gotti
Multiple-choiceWhich Law & Order character are you?
Multiple-choiceWhich Go Go Gadgetini's character are you most like?
Multiple-choiceMaster of the Universe character selector
Multiple-choiceWhich young celebrity are you?
Multiple-choiceWhich Freakazoid! character are you?
Multiple-choiceWho Would You Truly Be In Game of Thrones?
Multiple-choiceHow much Fairly Oddparents are you?
Multiple-choiceCasterly Rock