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1Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 8 character are you?
2Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy X Personality Test
3Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts character are YOU?
4Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy IX Character are you most like?
5Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Dating Game
6Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 7 Character Selector
7Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 7,8,9 female are you?????
8Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy VII character are you?
9Yes/No SelectorWhat FFX character are you?
10Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Character Selector
11Yes/No SelectorWhich RPG villain are you?
12Yes/No SelectorWeapons Personality Test
13Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Villain
14Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Summons
15Yes/No SelectorWhat character from Weiß Kreuz are you most like?
16Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII and you
17Yes/No SelectorEighth Fantasy - Which character are you?
18Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy VIII Character, are you most like?
19Yes/No SelectorFFIX Character Selector
20Yes/No SelectorFF Hero Selector
21Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy VII Character Are You?
22Yes/No SelectorFF Girls Character selector
23Yes/No SelectorFF8 (all) Character Selector
24Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Job Class are you?
25Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy IV-X Villain are you most like?
26Yes/No Selectorwhat final fantasy 8 character are you most like?
27Yes/No SelectorFFX Character Selector (Sarcastic Mix)
28Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy VI Character Are You?
29Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VIII Guys
30Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy X
31Yes/No SelectorWhich final fantasy X-2 character are you? (with Pics)
32Yes/No SelectorThe Final Fantasy VII Male Character Selector!
33Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 6 Character Selector
34Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy Character are you?
35Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Girl is Right For You?
36Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy XxX
37Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy IX Character Selector
38Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy XI Job Selector
39Yes/No SelectorKingdom Hearts and FFX Personality Test
40Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy X-2 character quiz
41Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy XI race selector
42Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 8 Character Selector
43Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy X Personality Quiz
44Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy One Enemy are You?
45Yes/No SelectorTidus_FFX's Final Fantasy X Character Rater
46Yes/No SelectorWhicH FinaL FantasY X-2 Character are you most like?
47Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy X or X-2 Character Are You?
48Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII and IX Main Character Selector
49Yes/No SelectorFFXI Beginning Job Selector
50Yes/No SelectorWhich FFI Character Do You Most Relate To?
51Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Character Personality Test
52Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Tactics Job Class Selector
53Yes/No SelectorWhich FF8 character are you most like?
54Yes/No SelectorWhich Game do you belong to? (many answers)
55Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy IV Baddie are you, anyway?
56Yes/No SelectorPersonality Type Indicator Quiz for Final Fantasy X
57Yes/No SelectorFF7 Which type of girl are you?
58Yes/No SelectorWhich Guardian Gate Member are you the most like?
59Yes/No SelectorWhat FF7 or FF10 girl are you most likely to make love with?
60Yes/No SelectorTrouble With Final Fantasy Cosplay? Find the Costume Right for You...(FF6 Version)
61Yes/No SelectorQue personagem de Final Fantasy IV você é?
62Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Advent Children Characters
63Yes/No SelectorWhich final fantasy 7+8+9 female character are you?
64Yes/No SelectorBest Final Fantasy Character
65Yes/No SelectorAnime & Final Fantasy Personality Test
66Yes/No Selectortout les persos
67Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Heroes: Who's Your Man?
68Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts2 Character R U?
69Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 1 newbie party selector
70Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Villain Selector
71Yes/No Selectorlet's go
72Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Tactics Character Selector
73Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII-Which Turk are you?
74Yes/No Selectorwhich final fantsay game are you?
75Yes/No SelectorTrouble With Final Fantasy Cosplay? Find the Costume Right for You...(FF7 Version)
76Yes/No SelectorPSX Final Fantasy game selector
77Yes/No SelectorWich SNES Final Fantasy female are you most like?
79Yes/No SelectorSarah Amaya's FF7 Personality Test !
80Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Occupation Best Fits You?
81Yes/No SelectorWhat FF14 Race Are You?
82Yes/No SelectorWhich male Final Fantasy 4-10 character are you?
83Yes/No Selectorfinal fatasy 10-2 character
84Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts Character are you most like?
85Yes/No SelectorFind your Eidolon
86Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy Character Class Are You?
87Yes/No SelectorWhich female Final Fantasy 4-9 character are you?
88Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy X JP Character
89Yes/No SelectorYour Ideal Match from FFIV
90Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy X-2 character are you?
91Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy: Unlimited
92Yes/No SelectorCom que personagem do Final Fantasy VIII, IX e X você mais parece?
93Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 7 Character are you?
94Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy X-2 charactar R U?
95Yes/No SelectorYour perfect Evil Final Fantasy Evil Guy
96Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Labrat Selector
97Yes/No SelectorWho's the Final Fantasy Guy For You? VII-IX
98Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Ten Perfect Mate Selector (for females ONLY)
99Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 7
100Yes/No SelectorIdeal Final Fantasy Women Selector
101Yes/No SelectorWhich of the Final Fantasy VII Men are for you?
102Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy X-2 character are you?
103Yes/No SelectorWhich character are you on Final Fantasy Tactics Selector
104Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy VII character are you? (with pictures)
105Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Selector Thingy
106Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy X Heroine are you most like?
107Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Summon/GF/Aeon Is Most Like You???
108Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Character Selector
109Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Male Character Selector
110Yes/No SelectorWhat Shinra Person are YOU?
111Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy VII Character Are You?
112Yes/No SelectorWho's your Final Fantasy VII lover?
113Yes/No SelectorFF7 quiz see who and which character are you.
114Yes/No SelectorWhich GF are you? (FFVIII)
115Yes/No SelectorFind the Final Fantasy man for YOU!!!!
116Yes/No SelectorWhat type of Fae are you?
117Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Forum Member
118Yes/No SelectorWhich Final fantasy Goddess are you?
119Yes/No SelectorWhich Final fantasy VIII male character are you like the most?
120Yes/No SelectorWhich FFXI job is right for you?
121Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 8 Character Selector
122Yes/No Selectorwhich final fantasy or kingdom hearts girl are you?
123Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 8 female characters.
124Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy X/X2 Character Selector
125Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Female Girl Compatibility Test
126Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy X-2 Character are you?
127Yes/No SelectorWhich one of Cloud Strife's Weapons suits you best (or which one you would use)
128Yes/No Selector!!!Final Fantasy Character Selector!!!
129Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Character
130Yes/No Selectorwho would u end up DATING in FF8 and/or FFx ?
131Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy V-IX Villain are you?
132Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy 8 Character R U?
133Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Tactics job are you?
134Yes/No SelectorRinOa's Final Fantasy VIII Quiz
135Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 7-10 female quiz
136Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 5 Class Selector
137Yes/No SelectorUFF9: The Quiz, Part II --> The Second Coming
138Yes/No Selectorwhat new dragoon are you part 1
139Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy XI Job Selector
140Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy weapon is right for you
141Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 9, 10
142Yes/No SelectorWhich guy from FF 7, 8, 9 are you best matched with?
143Yes/No Selectorwhich ff3 guy would you be?
144Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy 8 Character are you most like?
145Yes/No Selectorwitch final fantasy 7 character are you
146Yes/No SelectorWhich of the Final Fantasy hunks are you most compatible with?
147Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy IX character selctor
148Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are you most like?
149Yes/No SelectorWhat final fantasy weapon are you?
150Yes/No SelectorFF7 Appearance Selector
151Yes/No SelectorWhat Fareen Fairy are you?
152Yes/No SelectorWhich GF are you most like?
153Yes/No Selectorwhat type of fighter are you
154Yes/No SelectorWhich FFX aeon are you?
155Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 1 Class Selector
156Yes/No SelectorWhich FF2 character are you?
157Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy XI Race Selector
158Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy (VII,VIII, IX, X) female are you?
159Yes/No SelectorWhich FFX-2 Character Are You Most Like?
160Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy X character are you?
161Yes/No SelectorWhich of the Final Fantasy ladies are you most compatible with?
163Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X, or X-2 Girl Are You?
164Yes/No SelectorWho in FFVII do you look like most
165Yes/No SelectorWhich FF(VII-X) Character matches your personality??
166Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Heroine Selector
167Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy X Character are you?
168Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy XI Wepon selector
169Yes/No SelectorY,R,P(Yuna,Paine,Rikku)
170Yes/No SelectorWhat Crystal Chronicles Race Are You?
171Yes/No Selectorfind out who you would date off of final fantasy 7,8,9,or 10
172Yes/No Selectorwhos ur destined ff girlfriend
173Yes/No Selectorwhat final fantasy X character are you?
174Yes/No SelectorFFX matches
175Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy Male Character are you?
176Yes/No SelectorSword Of Gaia
177Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Character Match
178Yes/No SelectorWhich FF7 character are you?
179Yes/No SelectorWhat type of moogle are you?
180Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Character Selector
181Yes/No Selectorff8 what guy likes you squall or seifer
182Yes/No SelectorWho Is Your Final Fantasy X Alternate Personality?
183Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VIII Character Selector, Again, But Better
184Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Guy Are YOU Most Compatible with?
185Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy class are you?
186Yes/No SelectorWhat TURK are YOU
187Yes/No SelectorThe Final Fantasy X Love Shack
188Yes/No SelectorWho's your Final Fantasy Stalker?
189Yes/No SelectorWhich FF Male Are You Most Like?
190Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of moogle are you?
191Yes/No SelectorYour Final Fantasy 7 Man Is...
192Yes/No SelectorWho would be your true love in Final Fantasy 7-9
193Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy town would you live in?
194Yes/No SelectorWhat main Final Fantasy hero or Villan are you?
195Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy X Female Will Be Your Wife?
196Yes/No SelectorFF7 Selector
197Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy chick are you?
198Yes/No SelectorWoo FF8 Charecter Are Yoo?
199Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy 1 Job Fits You?
200Yes/No SelectorFF IX
201Yes/No SelectorFinal-Fantasy
202Yes/No SelectorYet another ff dating quiz (for us gals)
203Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 8 Character do you look the most like?
204Yes/No Selectorwhat final fantasy or kingdom hearts girl or boy are you?!
205Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 7,9,10,10-2 would you date?
206Yes/No SelectorWhich FF9 character are you?
207Yes/No Selectorwhich FF10 Character Are You?
208Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy VIII Character Are You?
209Yes/No SelectorFFX date- Who's your dream date??
210Yes/No SelectorWhich Melancholy Final Fantasy Man Is Your Destined Lover?
211Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy X Man Is YOUR Man?
212Yes/No Selectorwhat weapon do you like most from final fantsay
213Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy X-2 Character Selector
214Yes/No SelectorAre you the Chosen one?
215Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Tactics Advance character are you?
216Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy Kindgdom do you belong in?
217Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy X Character Are You?
218Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 7 Bishounen
219Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy IX Personality Quiz
220Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 7,8,9 selector
221Yes/No SelectorWeapon Selector
222Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy girl babe are you most likely to be from the games?
223Yes/No SelectorYour Final Fantasy 7 Identity
224Yes/No SelectorWhat FFX-X2 character are you?
225Yes/No SelectorWhat final fantasy villain are you most like?
226Yes/No Selectorthe final fanasy 8,9,and maybe 10 dating game!
227Yes/No SelectorWhat Type of Final Fantasy Protagonist Would You Be?
228Yes/No SelectorFFIX
229Yes/No SelectorWhich final fantasy 9 character are you
230Yes/No SelectorFF8 Summons Selector
231Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Villans
232Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Tactics Job are you?
233Yes/No SelectorWhich female FF protagonist or antagonist would you like to be?
234Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy character are you?
235Yes/No Selectorx=men evolution
236Yes/No SelectorWhich FFX-2 character are you
237Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Villain are You?
238Yes/No SelectorAnother FFX character test. But this one's good!
239Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Spell Selector
240Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VIII character selector
241Yes/No SelectorAre You a Final Fantasy Wizard
242Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 9--Which Character Are YOU?
243Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Bishoujo
244Yes/No SelectorFFX Quiz
245Yes/No SelectorFFchallenger
246Yes/No SelectorShinra Executive quiz
247Yes/No SelectorChrono Cross Character Selector
248Yes/No SelectorWhat final fantasy character are you
249Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 7 Character are you?
250Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Main Characters Selector
251Yes/No Selectorwhat final fantasy summon monster are you
252Yes/No SelectorWhat FF8 good Dude are you?
253Yes/No SelectorOn what FF love team do you belong?
254Yes/No SelectorFFX and FFX-2 Character Selector
255Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy VIII Character Are You?
256Yes/No SelectorWhich FFX-2 Girl Are You?
257Yes/No SelectorWhat FFVIII Character are you?
258Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts charechter are you most like?
259Yes/No SelectorFinal fantasy 8 test of youre personality.
260Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Chick Matchup
261Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy X-2 character are you?
262Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Character are you?
263Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 8 character you?
264Yes/No SelectorFFX Selector
265Yes/No SelectorFFVIII Selector
266Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Guy Are You?
267Yes/No SelectorWho are you in 8 bit?
268Yes/No SelectorWhat final fantasy character are you?
269Yes/No SelectorWhich FF song describes you.
270Yes/No SelectorFind out your Final Fantasy Character here!
271Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy IX (9) character are you most like?
272Yes/No SelectorFinal fantasy 7 character selector
273Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 8, 9, or 10 Girl are you?
274Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 6, 7 or 9 Male are you?
275Yes/No SelectorFinal fantasy character selecter
276Yes/No SelectorFinal fantasy 7 character selecter
277Yes/No SelectorMain female for ff VII- X
278Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 2/4 Character Are You?
279Yes/No SelectorOverall Who you are in the FF world
280Yes/No SelectorWhich FFX character are you???
281Yes/No Selectorwhat final fantasy 9 or 10 girl are u?!
282Yes/No SelectorKingdom Hearts Character?
283Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII character selector
284Yes/No SelectorWho of the Final Fantasy girls fit You the Best?
285Yes/No Selectorwhat are you a knight or a martial-artist?
286Yes/No SelectorCom que personagem de Final Fantasy (7,8,9,10) você mais parece?
287Yes/No SelectorThe ULTIMATE Character selector
288Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Summon Selector
289Yes/No SelectorUltimate Final Fantasy Selecter(7-10)
290Yes/No SelectorKingdom of Hearts
291Yes/No SelectorThe Final Fantasy VIII Music Test
292Yes/No SelectorWhat FF14 Race and Gender Are You?
293Yes/No Selectorff8 test
294Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Gilr do you fit With?
295Yes/No Selectorfinal fantasy 10-2
296Yes/No SelectorFF_Villains
297Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy IX Character Are You?
298Yes/No SelectorFF VII - X main character
299Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy IQ : FF10
300Yes/No SelectorWhat Dark World RPer are you?
301Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VIII Characteristics Selector
302Yes/No SelectorWhich type of Final Fantasy wepeon do you like the best?
303Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy X-2 Characters
304Yes/No Selectorfinal fantasy gurls
305Yes/No SelectorWHICH FF1 CLASS ARE YOU?
306Yes/No SelectorFF9
307Yes/No SelectorWhich FF summon are you?
308Yes/No SelectorWhich ff7, 8, or 10 character are you?
309Yes/No SelectorWhat is your Final Fantasy Character?
310Yes/No SelectorWhich FF X-2 Chick are you?
311Yes/No Selectorwhich ff person are u most like?
312Yes/No SelectorFF8 Date Quiz
313Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fanstay 9 Character are you!?
314Yes/No SelectorWhich FF7 charecter are you?
315Yes/No SelectorYour Final Fantasy Tastes
316Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy: Cid or Not?
317Yes/No SelectorTogapika's Final Fantasy X Main Character Selector
318Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII City Selector
320Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 10 hero quiz
322Yes/No SelectorWhich FFIX Boss are You?
323Yes/No SelectorFFX2
324Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Race Selector
325Yes/No SelectorFinal fantasy 10-2
326Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy II/IV and Various
327Yes/No SelectorWhat Bouncer are you?
328Yes/No SelectorFFVII Character Selector
329Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy IX Selector
330Yes/No Selectorff8 guys and gals characters
331Yes/No SelectorWhich FFX character might you be?
332Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 8 Char Selector
333Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII and X Character
334Yes/No SelectorWhich character are you?
335Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy 7 Magic Are You?
336Yes/No SelectorWhich FFX-2 chrarcter R U?
337Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy IX-X villain are you?
338Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Girl Are You?
339Yes/No SelectorAre you obsessed??
340Yes/No SelectorWhich FF1 class are u?
341Yes/No SelectorFFVII Power
342Yes/No SelectorWitch F.F.VIII person best suits you for a date
343Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Guy are you most compatible with?
344Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 8 Character are you?
345Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 9 Character Are You?
346Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Eight Selector
347Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII female selector