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1Yes/No Selector~*~Which Charmed Character Are You?~*~
2Yes/No Selector~*~Which Charmed Power Do You have?~*~
3Yes/No Selector~*~Which Charmed Demon Are You?~*!
5Yes/No Selector~*~Which Charmed Character Are You?~*~
6Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed One are You?
7Yes/No Selectorthe Charmed Personality Quiz!
8Yes/No SelectorWhat are your Charmed powers?
9Yes/No SelectorCharmed - what is your magical power?
10Yes/No SelectorWhat Charmed Sister Are You ???
11Yes/No SelectorCharmed Powers
12Yes/No Selectorwhat are my charmed powers
13Yes/No SelectorWhat are your Charmed Powers?
15Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed are you?
16Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed One Are You
17Yes/No SelectorCharmed Power Quiz
18Yes/No SelectorWhich Halliwell sister are you?
19Yes/No Selectorwhich charmed power do you have?
20Yes/No SelectorWhoz Your Charmed Lover?
21Yes/No SelectorWho Is Your Charmed Lover?
22Yes/No SelectorWho is your charmed lover?
23Yes/No SelectorWhat are your Charmed Powers?
24Yes/No SelectorWhat Power Do You Have?
25Yes/No SelectorCharmed Selector
26Yes/No SelectorCharmed power selector
27Yes/No SelectorWhat Is Your Charmed Powers
28Yes/No SelectorA charmed life
29Yes/No SelectorWhich Witch are you?
30Yes/No SelectorWhich Witch are You ?
31Yes/No SelectorWhich 'Charmed' Character Are you most like?
32Yes/No Selectorwhich charmed goddess are you?
33Yes/No Selectorwhich charmed sister are you
34Yes/No SelectorThe Charmed Powers
35Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed Character are you most like?
36Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed Demon Are You?
37Yes/No SelectorWelk Charmed personage ben jij?
38Yes/No SelectorWhich power from Charmed are you?
39Yes/No SelectorCharmed Character Selector
40Yes/No SelectorCharmed Personality Selector
41Yes/No SelectorWho are you?
42Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed Character are you?
43Yes/No Selectorwitch charmed guy are you
44Yes/No SelectorWhat Charmed Character Are You?
45Yes/No SelectorWhich Halliwell Are You?
46Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed sister are you?
47Yes/No SelectorCharmed Women
48Yes/No SelectorCharmed Character's. witch one are you?
49Yes/No SelectorWhat Charmed Character are you?
50Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed Character are you?
51Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed One Are You?
52Yes/No SelectorWhich Witch?
53Yes/No SelectorWhich 'Charmed' Character (Past and Present) are you?
54Yes/No Selectorwhich Charmed One are you?
55Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed one are you?
56Yes/No SelectorCharmed Characters
57Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed One Are You?
58Yes/No SelectorHow Addicted to Charmed are you?
59Yes/No SelectorWhich ''Charmed'' Character Are You?
60Yes/No SelectorCharmed Quiz_
61Yes/No SelectorAre you Charmed? If so, who are you?
62Yes/No SelectorWhich Halliwell girl are you?
63Yes/No SelectorWhoz Your Charmed Lover?
64Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed Sis Are you???
65Yes/No SelectorWhich Charmed One R U?
66Yes/No SelectorThe Charmed AAF Guild Quizzes
67Yes/No SelectorBEST Charmed Selector
68Yes/No SelectorCharmed Selector
69Yes/No SelectorCharmed Powers
70Yes/No SelectorWitch Charmed One are You
71Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Charmed one are you?
72Multi-Choice SelectorCharmed
74Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Charmed One are you?
75Multi-Choice SelectorWhat is your magical power?