The Big List Of Anime Selectors
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  1. Taiki Obsession By ZaraJade
  2. Tales of Phantasia personality test By Klarth
  3. Tales of the One guy or girl By Dela8712
  4. Tamer Test By Digi Tamer the Hedgie
  5. Tamers Selector-Whos Your Best Match? By rukiruki
  6. Taotus "Which Ranma character are you?" By Taotu
  7. Target! Character Selector By Shady
  8. Tashys Glay Member Selector By Tashy Tonomura
  9. TCOTSF quiz! By xInfritsxLennex
  10. Team Rocket Member Selector By LadyMyotismon767
  11. Team Rockets Twerp Selector! By Rocketdan#1
  12. Teen Titans By Alex
  13. teen titans By mo
  14. Teen Titans Personality Test By Raive Kitara
  15. Teen Titans Selector By Raven Martinez
  16. Teen titans tv show quiz!! By Fiona
  17. Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles caracter selecter By gun
  19. Tekken 4 Character Selector By piccolokid
  20. Tekken Character Selector By Seraph Illusion
  21. Tekken Personality Compatibility By Cel
  22. Telephone Icecream Kyaaaara Selector ^o^ By Mew!
  23. Tenchi Cast! By Washu-chan
  24. Tenchi character quiz By Helios
  25. Tenchi Character selector By Ryoko-chan
  26. Tenchi Muyo By Rika
  27. Tenchi Muyo Character selector By Ben
  28. Tenchi Muyo Personality Test By ami
  29. Tenchi Muyo Selector By Faye Valentine
  30. tenchi muyo selector By prettysami
  31. Tenchi Muyo! By Haruko
  32. Tenchi Muyo! Character Selector By Kikaboka
  33. Tenchi Muyo! Character Selector By Ryoko-Chan
  34. Tenchi Muyo! Chat By Alexia Torin
  35. Tenchi Muyo! Girl Character Selector By LilWashu
  36. Tenchi Muyo! quiz By Hotohori
  37. Tenchi Personality Test By Trauzer
  38. Tenchi Poll By caitydidus
  39. Tenchi Selector By Chibi-Ryoko
  40. Tenchi Selector By I is who I be
  41. Tenchi Universe Character Selector By AngelAimee
  42. Tenchi Universe selector By Camikyra
  43. tenjho tenge By spencer
  44. Tenshi Ni Narumon Character Selector By Mary Cordner
  45. Tenshi ni Narumon Personality Quiz! By Charon
  46. Test which Inu Yasha character you are!! By aviva
  47. Teste de Personalidada de Sailor Moon By Ju Carter
  48. Testing... By Liminality
  49. Tetraa: The Legend chatacter selector By Kerri Grogan
  50. Tetsusaiga1: Which Inuyasha Character Are You? By Tenseiga15
  51. TFTP Character Selector By syao-chan
  52. TGS (The Gaia Suffix) Selector By ayarichan
  53. That OTHER Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Selector By Galaxy Girl
  54. The "what -cosplay-girl-am-I-cause-I-am-a-kiss-up" Test By Yeat3333333
  55. The 9 Alignments By Jake McVey
  56. The Ah! My Goddess Character Selector By Hannah Emmalyne
  57. The Akira Character Selector By Akira
  58. The Angel Bird selector! By WhiteFlame
  59. The Anime and gamers alley Member quiz By Chop sticx
  60. The Anime Best For You By Chibi Android 18
  61. The Anime Cel Collector Type Test By celfun
  62. The anime dating game-For girls only! By Vallisha
  63. The Anime DEx By AnimeDex
  64. The Anime For You!! By Anime No Otaku
  65. The anime guy for you? (RK and Yu Yu) By Zanza
  66. The Anime Lofts DBZ Quiz By VvCeruleanBluvV
  67. The anime man for you! ^_^ By Ash
  68. The anime perfect for *you* By Yuna
  69. The Anime Pimpsona Test By Darrius Kain
  70. The Anime Selector: Which Anime Bring You Best Joyful? By Belarius
  71. The AoI Personality Quiz By Sae
  72. The Arc Character Selector - Who are you most like? By Eldrick Tobin
  73. The A-Squad Character Selector By TendoAkane
  74. The awsome GundamWing Quiz By anime_prince
  75. The Ayashi No Ceres Personality Quiz By Hikari Shadokijo
  76. The Azumanga Daioh Character Selector By Jazzeh
  77. The Azumanga Daiou Selector By Yukatado
  78. The Banana Fish Personality Selector By Uozumi
  79. The Beginning Of The End Chosen Ones By sidra-sama
  80. The best Cowboy Bebop selecter By Miroku
  81. The best Damn Inu-Yasha Character Selector By Mousse-Chan
  82. The Best Female Match for you By Skyla Metallium
  83. The Best Inuyasha Selecter By Miroku
  84. The Best Male for You By Skyla Metallium
  85. The Best Naruto Char Selector! By Shikamaru
  86. The Best Trigun Character Selector Ever By cad ruck
  87. The best Yu Yu Hakusho selecter By Miroku
  88. The best Yu-gi-oh personality test out there!! By Doomgaze
  89. The Better Beyblade Character Selector By MaryJane
  90. The better way to determine which Harry Potter Character you are! By C.L. Smet
  91. The Beyblade character quiz By Ray Creace
  92. The BIG-O Character Selector~! By Thomas Stearns
  93. The Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon Dark Personality Test! By Yanokage Arashi
  94. The Bishonen For You! By Stephy
  95. The Bishounen Selector By Lizzy
  96. The Bitter Tears Personality Quiz By Reiji Takeshi
  97. the Bouncer By Arista
  98. The Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Knight Saber Selector By Kyoko Kobayashi
  99. The Bust a Groove 2 Character Selector! By Pixy Teri
  100. The Captain Tsubasa Japanese Player Selector By Miss Rain
  101. The Castlevania Hero Selector By Lumiale no Miko
  102. The Chao Test By HeroChao
  103. The chaotic church of madolins selector thing the tells you if you are chaotic or not By Madolin
  104. The Character Alignment Test By CariCat >^-^<
  105. The Chrono Cross Cute Critter Selector By Thentavius
  106. The Chrono Cross Male Character Selector By Thentavius
  107. The Chrono Trigger Selector! By Ryan
  108. The CLAMP Male Characters Matchmaker By Val
  109. THE CLIQUE SELECTOR By Matty Sinome/ Rajji/ LIN/...
  110. The Color Personality Selector. (Manga Style) By lumini
  111. The coolest Yu Yu Hakusho quiz EVER!!!! By Aubrey-chan
  112. The Cowboy Bebop Ideal Mate Selector By TianNing
  113. The Dark Circle Test By Joshua
  114. The Dark Masters Character Test By PoQ
  115. The Darker Side™ Character Selector By Callisto Dementia
  116. The Darned Dragonball Android Selector Thing By Miss Tim
  117. The DBZ Bad Guy Selector By Robert Silvers
  118. The DBZ Character Selector By zerobonzaizerobonzaizerbo...
  119. The Dead or Alive 3 Selector By Amelia Lynn Connery
  120. The Dejimon Bishounen For You By SkittleSama
  121. The Di Gi Charat Fantasy Selector By Chocola_Charat
  122. The Digimon For You! By Gracie
  123. The Dragon Quiz For Future Tamers By Majutsu-Suiren And Majuts...
  124. The Dragonball Ryu Test By Sasoriza
  125. The Dragonball Z Character Selector By Phrosty
  126. The Dragonball Z Personality test By Lethargic
  127. The Dragonball Z Personality test By Lethargic
  128. The Dragonball Z Selector By Joey Wheeler
  129. The DragonBall Z/GT Character best suited for you By Chibi Android 18
  130. The DragonBall/S/BH/SSK Personality Selector By Naokosama
  131. The Dreamer Realm Character selector part 2! By Raniko
  132. The Elf Princess Raine Selector! ^_^ By Emi no Baka
  133. The Enchanting Shoyrus By b1c2
  134. The Evangelion Angel test By Ein and Ed
  135. The Excel Saga Character Selector! By The Bunny
  136. The Final Fantasy VII Male Character Selector! By Thentavius
  137. The Fine Colorday Gundam Wing Personality Quiz By Ayari Sakimoto
  138. The Fine Colorday Weiß Kreuz Quiz By Ayari Sakimoto
  139. The First Gundam Character Selector By Cecily
  140. the Gavivi project By Blank
  141. The G-boy For You By AnimeGurl
  142. The God Land Bishoujo Selector By Rae-chan
  143. The God Land Bishounen Selector By Rae-chan
  144. The Golden Light By Sailor Rei-chan
  145. The Great Ones character selector By Beth
  146. The Great Ranma 1/2 CHARACTER TEST!!!!!!!! By Maia-chan
  147. The GREAT Shaman King selector! By Naoko Asakura
  148. The Great Tenchi Muyo Character Selector By Sarami Yakniko
  149. The Greatest Cowboy Bebop Selector By Claude Kenni
  150. The Greatest Dragon Ball Z Selector 2002 By Tessy
  151. The Gundam Wing Female Character Selector By Miyuki
  152. The Gundam Wing Girls Selector By Ang
  153. The Gundam Wing Pilots Test By Ang
  154. The Gundam X Character Selector By Miyuki
  155. The Gundream Quiz By snowxgirl
  156. The Hamtaro Selector By Tiger Jam & GIrl CAPPY
  157. The Haunted Junction Lover Selector By Black Hanten
  158. The Haunted Junction Personality Selector! By Mina-chan
  159. The Heds Character Selector By Ded-hed
  160. The Hot Shot Quizz By Tashayarna
  161. The Hotohori Worship Excuses Selector By Suzu
  162. THE Houshin Engi Character Selector! By Exeriel
  163. The Houshin Project By dark metallium
  164. The Ideal RPG For You! By Happycat
  165. The Inner DBZ By unknown person
  166. the inu-yasha quiz By chinchin
  167. The KaMiKaZe - character selector By Yoru
  168. The Lackies Test By Dragon Master Nall
  169. The Last Illusion Character Quiz By Shonen Samurai
  170. The Legacy of Dincaryia Character Test By Sierra Omega
  171. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time By PoD
  172. The Love Hina Character Selector! By Yukarai Darkstar
  173. The Magic Knight Rayearth Character Selector! By cuddles!
  174. The Magic Knight Rayearth Personalities By FuuSaria
  175. The Masks Character Selector By Storm Dragonwolf
  176. The Mew Mew/Magic Performer quiz By Ichiro Tachikawa
  177. the minus zero tenipuri character test By kyoh
  178. The Naruto Character Selector! By Cadet
  179. The Neopets Faerie Test By AnimeFan
  180. The New Adventures in Malacanang Character Selector By Heather-Anne Speer
  181. The NEW Eemag Character Test By Kirbz
  182. The newer NGA quiz By Juli
  183. The not so normal Hellsing Character Selecter By glassfeatherz
  184. The Now And Then, Here And There couple selector! By Rollchan
  185. The official what is a dooky character selector By dooky
  186. The Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Personality Quiz By Seto Kaiba
  187. The only Megas XLR quiz!!! By blueturtle
  188. The OP Pirate Crew Test By buffalo81
  189. THe Otaku Sorting test By Ryukumon
  190. The Otaku-o-meter! By Psycho Sisters
  191. The ParaPara Allstars selector! By neptune
  192. The Perfect Anime For You By Ryo-chibi
  193. The perfect anime for you! By Yuna
  194. The Perfect Anime Guy for you By Kasai Nightfire
  195. The Perfect Anime Man Selector By AnimeGurl
  196. the perfect bishie for you! By nataku7732
  197. The Perfect Bishonen By AngelTabris
  198. The PERFECT GUIDE to finding anime.... By Ralizah_56
  199. The Pikachu Test By Almighty Kwack
  200. The Pink Haired Guitarist Quiz By Jess
  201. The Pink Milk & Munchies Drawing Board Character Selector~ ~^__^ By Pixy Teri
  202. The Pokemopolis Whosit By Brandon
  203. The Ranma 1/2 Character Selector By Elia Juarez
  204. The Real Right Bishi For U! By Kchan
  205. The REAL Shonen Jump chracter Quiz By Shonen Guy
  206. The Red/Blue Starter Pokémon for YOU! By OoOoAnime GurlOoOo
  207. The Retarded Random Anime and Video game quiz..X.x By Nitro
  208. The RISK member selector By Amy chan
  209. The Rocky Horror Picture Selector By xariusx
  210. The RP Character Selector By LATCH
  211. The Sailor Scout Quiz By Kat
  212. The Season 1 Digimon Chooser By Izzyizumi IX
  213. The Seven Knights of Leafe By Suniko Sanada
  214. The Shinzo Test (who are you?) By Tenchi
  215. The Slam Dunk Match Make By Jan
  216. The Slayers Character Selector By The Alien In Your Sock Dr...
  217. The Slayers Personality Test By Merle
  218. The SNSH Character Test By Zaal
  219. The Sonic Character Selector By Sadic the Hedgehog
  220. The Spirited Away Personality Quiz By Amanda Taylor
  221. The Star Chasers Personality Quiz By Al
  222. The Suikoden Two Character Selector By Ayari Sakimoto
  223. The Supaa Snazzy Knight Saber Selector! By amie
  224. The Tekken Selector By DragonMistral
  225. The Tenchi Gang! By J-chan
  226. The test of Trigun By Vash The Stampede
  227. The third season of digimon Character, personality selector By Takato Matsuki
  228. The Three Lights Matchmaker By leilanikou
  229. The Toki No Kôsen Personnality Test By Karunake
  230. The Trigun Compatible Quiz By GWcharacters
  231. The True FF7 Character Selector! By Kaworu The 17th Angel
  232. The TSSE Quiz - which WAC member are you most like? By Chris Comstock
  233. The UC Gundam Hero Selector By WanderingShinigami
  234. The Ultimate Bishonen Selector By Anifi, Ramika & Mistie
  235. The Ultimate Card Captor Sakura Character Selector By Sakura
  236. The Ultimate Cowboy Bebop Selector :) By The Antichrist
  237. The Ultimate DBZ Selector By Horizon_X
  239. The Ultimate Kaiken Phrase Compatibilty By Yukari & Ayari
  241. The Ultimate Outlaw Star Quiz By OLS Girl
  243. The Ultimate Reboot Character Selector By Chelena Jurrah
  244. The Ultimate Sailor Scout Personality Quiz By christynz2001
  245. The Ultimate Sorcerer Hunters Selector By Hino Tenshi
  246. the ultimate test that will change your life By Ahmed Khaled
  247. The Ultimate Yu Yu Hakusho Selector By Imari
  248. The Ultra Ghetto Fushigi Yuugi Test! By Billdo-N-Beavahausen
  249. The unrespected Humans By Krillin the stopable
  250. The Vision of Escaflowne tester By Missing White Wings
  251. The Warriors Heaven By Firestorm
  252. The Wonderfully Magnificient Dragon of X (X/1999) Matchmaker By Uozumi
  253. The X Character Personality Test By Dabid!
  254. The X Love Quiz By twichan
  255. The Yu-gi-oh character/monster seletor By Maximillian Pegasus
  256. The Yu-Gi-Oh Guy For You By Anime-Babe
  257. The Yu-Gi-Oh monster card 4 u test By Yami Frunks
  258. The Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Selector By Yami Yugi
  259. The YYH Personality Selecter By Jaganshi Hiei
  260. The Zeta Project By Lil Insectikette
  261. The-Best-Anime-Character By JetoKiaba
  262. TheYYH Test of the Nine Factors By Leviatha9
  263. This is a place were you can be Happy-_- By Death Goddess
  264. This is A Selector About Crush 21 By The Supreme Ruler of All ...
  265. This Is Home Character Selector By Sandra Delete
  266. This is the Sailor moon Test ^.^ By Nanaki
  267. This Will Choose Youre Aura Color and Best Subjects Youre good at. By Neofireycuteyangel
  268. Thousand Arms Charecter Selector By Apollochan (The Dancing P...
  269. Thousand Arms Personality Selector By Alesa Havnes
  270. Threads Of Fate By Vincent
  271. Threads of Fate Character Selector By Hannah Emmalyne
  272. Threnody Character Selector By Kimberley Saulnier Byrne
  273. Thunders Soulbond Selector By Thunder Blossom
  274. Time Child Character Selector By Sam
  275. Time Stranger Kyoko character By Arashi
  276. Time Stranger Kyoko Female By Evie
  277. Timothy Graves world By Timothy Graves
  278. Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar characters By vivi
  279. Titan A.E. character selector By Gohans leashed Videl
  280. title By tool
  281. TJ Otaku By Jon Martin, Mina, Brendan
  282. TLCL Character Quiz By L.A. Sinclair
  283. To Heart Character By Psyche
  284. To Heart Character Selector By Riku
  285. To the FF4ers - How kinky are you? By DarkDragoonKain
  286. To which of the Four Gods do you belong? By Nuriko
  287. Tokimemo Selector-What character are you? By SPantherS
  288. Tokyo Babylon By Seishirou Yamazaki de la ...
  289. Tokyo Babylon Personality Test By Betsy
  290. Tokyo Babylon Selecter By Maester_Seymour
  291. Tokyo Babylon Selector By Suu
  292. Tokyo Babylon Selector Thingy!!! By Fyrsiel
  293. Tokyo Mew Mew By Jamie
  294. Tokyo Mew Mew By Aoyama Masaya
  295. Tokyo Mew Mew Love Match By Mew Cherry
  296. Tokyo Mew Mew Quiz By Bunny_Mistress
  297. Tokyo mewmew testi By wakka
  298. Tomoeda Character Selector ( Card Captor Sakura) By yuekishuu
  299. Toonami Shows Selector By Reuben Baron
  300. Toshinden best match By Naru Shinjo
  301. Totally Cool! Totally Spies Selector! By Clover Cell
  302. Totally Spies Character Selector By Epona
  303. Totally useless anime quiz By Rebecca
  304. Totally_Spies(who r u lik) By Skye
  305. Towa no Mirai Character Selector By Reiko Aya & Towasei Norei
  306. Transformers Armada: Who Are You? By Kingfisher Corp, Transfor...
  307. Transformers RID Character Selector By DBZKenny
  308. TransWars2020 By omegaprimeuk
  309. Treize and Wufei personality test By doukeshi
  310. Trigun By Vash the Stampede
  311. Trigun Bishounen Test By Nadeshiko Kinomoto
  312. Trigun camping compatability By Kit
  313. Trigun Character Selector By Chiko-sai
  314. Trigun Character Selector By Uozumi
  315. Trigun character selector By Nagisaki
  316. Trigun Character Selector Maximum! By Wilson Koh
  317. Trigun Character Test By Shaede
  318. Trigun Character Test By Nadeshiko Kinomoto
  319. Trigun Charactor Selector By Hycintha
  320. trigun compatability matchmaker By brenda lara
  321. Trigun Compatability Test By The Portable Confessional
  322. Trigun GungHo Guns By Captain Panda
  323. Trigun Male Compatibility Test By Sagalicious
  324. Trigun Personalities By Suri-sutan
  325. Trigun Personality By PsychicFairy
  326. Trigun quiz By Hotohori
  327. Trigun Selector By MIjo Jan Wa
  328. Trigun: The Ultimate Character Selector By the_chibi_reaper
  329. Trio/Etc. Match Up By Sana Jisushi
  330. True Love in the Kingdom of Parse By Arislan Hime
  331. Tsunyuian Wonder Girl Hoshi personality quiz By Mel*chan
  332. TTT: The Toreishi Test By Seion
  333. Tu Anime Perfecto!! By Ayane 3k
  334. Tu bishonen perfecto ;) By Hilde
  335. Tu hombre ideal del mundo del Anime... By Patamon y Aya Mikage
  336. Tu serie perfecta de anime (idea original) By Light Hoshi no Otaku
  337. tumai By tu mai
  338. twins? By kenshinvdw
  339. Type of maniac By Pyrefox
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